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What the press is saying about Brendan Edward Kennedy:
Arbaces in A King And No King 
with Brave Spirits Theatre

"Brendan Edward Kennedy stars as Arbaces, King of Iberia, in this incestuous tragicomedy. Kennedy strikes the right balance between exaggerated comedy and depth of feeling as he longs for his beautiful and virtuous sister Panthea."



"He provides an energetic and captivating performance of a man whose internal strife pushes him to behave oddly, especially towards his increasingly confused sister."

-DC Theatre Scene


"Kennedy in particular is a stage gem as his overreactions tend to erupt from a deep pit of pathos, really hooking the audience into his character’s angst."


Patrick in TAME. with WSC Avant Bard

"Patrick’s tense, challenging, sometimes violent attempt to redeem Cat is the heart of the play. It is a dance of death, and both actors give everything they have to it. Kennedy is able to switch in a moment from polite suitor to predatory mentor."

-MD Theatre Guide

"Kennedy as Patrick looks easy-going and likeable and speaks with an aw-shucks type of drawl meant to soothe fears even as his actual words stoke them. But Kennedy’s Patrick is sinister... steals thinly veiled glances at his future sister-in-law Cat’s bare breasts like a boy with his hand in a cookie jar. Kennedy is brilliant."

-DC Theatre Scene

Florizel in The Winter's Tale 

with Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

"Kathryn Zoerb is fetching as the teenage Perdita and Brendan Edward Kennedy shines as Florizel, the lordly youth gone undercover, smitten by the noble shepherdess."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts

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